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      Longyan Wuhuan Environmental Protection Equipment Co Ltd - News
      Date:2013/12/12 Number:6769

          In the just concluded "Longyan economic and Technological Development Zone Third workers Games", our company a total of 20 people to attend the competition, in the competition intense and orderly, participants overcome all kinds of difficulties and actively participate in the competition, they carry forward the not afraid of hardship, not afraid of tired, positive spirit, show the human spirit and sports style, with outstanding performance made outstanding achievements, won the honor for the company, for the company to win honor, to thank all the participants of congratulations and thanks. The award-winning staff list is announced as follows:

          The project                 name          awards ranking
          Men's group C 100 meters    LianQun       The first
          Women's group C 800 meters  ZhengXiaoXin  The second
          Woman a 800 meters          ChenLiLi      The third
          Woman a 400 meters          ChenLong      The third
          Woman B group shot          DuanXiaYue    The fourth

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