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      Longyan Wuhuan Environmental Protection Equipment Co Ltd acquired patent
      Date:2013/12/12 Number:5915

          Longyan Wuhuan environmental protection equipment Co., the company has obtained a dust remover for pressure relief valve to an invention patent and ESP with three-phase high voltage rectifier transformer, high temperature resistant insulating device, dust remover has high frequency high voltage power supply, constant current characteristic ESP with high frequency and high voltage power supply, constant flow characteristics of high frequency and high voltage transformer, electric dust rapping device sealing sleeve and the six utility model patents.
          The company based on the dust removal equipment manufacturing industry, strengthen product technology R & D, strengthening the electromechanical integration supporting capacity, the electrostatic precipitator, bag, bag dust collector, electric power products development; to the steel, nonferrous industry as the main target market, chemical, non electric boilers and other industries as the characteristics of the target market. Strengthen the marketing battle force and the internal control capability, enhance the core competition ability, for five years to become the environmental protection industry well-known brands!

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