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      BC series of electric precipitator
      BC series of electric precipitator
          BC series of electric precipitator is combined with our company for many years the production of electrical precipitator experience design of horizontal ESP on basis of domestic and foreign electric dust collector on the characteristics of the. Mainly composed of flue gas import and export system, shell, cathode, anode system, system, ash system landing, a high-voltage power supply device and low voltage control system etc.. Quantity of flue gas dust removal efficiency of 50000~2000000m3/h, 99%~99.95%.
          Suitable for electric power, metallurgy, building materials, light industry, chemical industry etc..
          Main features:
          ●The novel structure, the layout is reasonable, safe and reliable operation;
          ● rigid frame, free expansion, not easy to deformation, high temperature resistant ability;
          ● adopt new type cathode wires and polarity assignment, field uniform, eliminate the anti corona;
          ● adopt 400mm or 450mm wide homopolar spacing, compared with small spacing, can improve the driving velocity of dust, so as to further improve the efficiency of dust collection.
          ●The anode plate with abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance of SPCC plate is good production, improve service life;
          ● adopting diversion flow resistance combined type air distribution plate, airflow distribution, small system resistance;
          ● The electric field at the end of a maze type trough plate, improve dust collection efficiency;
          ● according to the requirements of the partition of power supply, improve the operation of corona power;
          ● adopt high voltage intelligent control system and low voltage PLC control system;
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