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      LCMW series of long bag pulse bag type dust remover
      LCMW series of long bag pulse bag type dust remover
          LCMW series of long bag pulse bag type dust remover integrated injection and pulse cleaning advantages, has a strong cleaning ability, high efficiency, low energy consumption, emission concentration, the characteristics of small leakage rate. Uses the microcomputer control, divided chamber injection timing, cleaning, over temperature automatic protection measures.
          Dust collector is composed of an upper box body, box, dust, air inlet duct, air outlet, a pulse blowing system, electrical control system etc.. Dust containing gas from the inlet into the ash bucket work, coarse dust particles directly into the bottom of the ash bucket, fine dust particles with gas flow into the box, dust deposition on the surface of the filter bag, filter bag filter bag through the gas from entering the box, outlet to outlet chimney.
          The cleaning process is a pure gas outlet duct first cut off the room, make the room of the bag is no airflow through the state (room blowing ash), and then open the pulse valve with compressed air pulse ash cleaning. The programmable on exhaust valve (poppet valve), pulse valve, unloading valve, air valve, safety valve, automatic control.
          Volume: 10000~2000000m3/h, outlet concentration was lower than 50mg/Nm3.
          Applicable to the metallurgical, building materials, electric power, light industry, chemical industry etc..
          Main features:
          ● import duct design optimization, is beneficial to the uniform airflow distribution;
          ● inlet, outlet temperature display and cleaning, unloading work instructions;
          ● offline compartment deashing, overcome the online cleaning dust attached shortcomings, ensure the cleaning intensity and the best;
          ●The components of the exhaust valve poppet valve structure, simple and reliable structure, good sealing performance;
          ● pneumatic unloading valve, automatic or manual control, reduce the ash conveying equipment operation time, reduce energy consumption;
          ● can be set to automatic ultra high, low temperature alarm, automatic control of high temperature air valve cooling and cryopreservation bag protection measures (safety valve);
          ● convenient maintenance and repair, maintenance for the bag can be kept in the fan system, the normal operation of the dust remover under room;
          ● adopt PLC control system;
          ● provide centralized control and local control two choices;
          ● a wide range of dust containing gas properties change;
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