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      LFEFW series reverse blowing bag type dust collector
      LFEFW series reverse blowing bag type dust collector
          LFEFW series reverse blowing bag type dust collector is controlled by PLC, sectional reverse blow, regular cleaning, temperature detection and display measures. Energy efficient, stable operation, simple operation, safe and reliable. Back blowing bag type dust less pressure, filtration speed is low, the inner filter, dust in the filter bag.
          The dust remover is composed of a gas inlet pipeline, an air inlet chamber, the bag room, an ash bucket, outlet pipe, exhaust valve, counter blower system, cleaning system, electrical control system etc..
          Volume: 5000~2000000m3/h, outlet concentration was lower than 50mg/Nm3.
          Suitable for electric power, metallurgy, building materials, light industry, chemical industry etc..
          Main features:
          ● high reliability design, to ensure the bag dust collector with a host of long-term stable operation, maintenance work rarely;
          ● high adaptability design, bag dust collector can accommodate a wide range of gas containing dust properties change;
          ● import duct design optimization, is beneficial to the uniform airflow distribution;
          ● sectional reverse blow three state ash cleaning technology, ensure the cleaning intensity and the best;
          ● convenient maintenance and repair, can not stop the machine room maintenance, change bag;
          ● adopt PLC control, sectional reverse blow, regular cleaning of ash, temperature detection, display, alarm and automatic protection measures;
          ● provide centralized control and local control two choices;
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