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      PPFW series of air box pulse bag type dust collector
      PPFW series of air box pulse bag type dust collector
          PPFW series of air box pulse bag type dust collector is the company to absorb the technology advantages of domestic bag dust collector, high efficient dust removal equipment development and production, has high dust collecting efficiency, simple structure, easy installation and maintenance etc.. Suitable for treating high concentration of dust.
          Dust collector is divided into several rooms, each room is equipped with a pulse valve and lift valve. The flue gas passes through the hopper and a guide plate guide into the bag room, filtered by the filter bag, filter bag dust is blocked in the outside, purified gas into the filter bag blowing box, the poppet valve plate hole by the discharge outlet. Close the blowing box poppet valve, can cut off airflow, the pulse valve to indoor bag sprayed into the 0.4~0.6MPa pressure of compressed air, so that the bag expansion, the dust cleared, into ash hopper. This room off-line cleaning, can prevent the dust flying two times, and is convenient for maintenance for the bag.
          Volume: 3000~180000m3/h, outlet concentration was lower than 50mg/Nm3.
          Suitable for electric power, metallurgy, building materials, light industry, chemical industry, medicine and other industries.
          Main features:
          ● the mouth of bag no venturi tube and a blowpipe, maintenance is simple and convenient;
          ● according to all kinds of bag material selection of flue gas temperature, dust properties;
          ● adopting large diameter pulse valve (1.5 - 3 inches) a strong jet cleaning, the cleaning effect is good, low operation resistance;
          ● adopt PLC control;
          ● Particularly suitable for processing the high concentration of dust (entrance dust concentration < 1200g/Nm3);
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