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      The low voltage control system of electric dust collector
      The low voltage control system of electric dust collector
          Low voltage electrical precipitator automatic control system is a device for electric dust collector cathode and anode vibrating electromagnetic hammer, cinder ash motor, silo wall vibration motor, insulator room temperature and other automatic control, to ensure the reliability and safety of the operation of electrostatic precipitator, is to realize the automation of the whole process of electrostatic precipitator technology Institute the equipment must be.
          Automatic control device for electric dust collector PLC low, is the accumulation of years of design development of ESP power supply device experience, advanced technology to integrate domestic and foreign industrial automation applications, the application of organic design method of open, modular industrial automation and low voltage electric precipitator combined, science to solve all kinds of electric dust collector process automation control and management issues, to the greatest extent to meet the requirements of users application.
          Main features:
          ● Employing the design can achieve a variety of DCS configuration software;
          ● The analog display visual display, fault state stick out a mile;
          ● Weidler terminal, never wear, to ensure reliable connection and signal;
          ● The scientific and reasonable control the timing, safeguard long-term efficient operation of each Teclast precipitator;
          ● Conversion operators often operate the switch long-term selected de Schneider imported components;
          ● The conventional AC contactor contact and a bidirectional controlled silicon contactless control optional, required design;
          ● PLC output contact safety isolation, each loop independent power supply and independent operation circuit design; design manual / automatic operation complete, convenient operation and maintenance, to ensure the reliability and scientific system.
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