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      GGAJ02 series high voltage silicon rectifier power supply
      GGAJ02 series high voltage silicon rectifier power supply
          The company developed GGAJ02 series microcomputer control high voltage rectifier equipment production, its control core is the digestion and absorption of foreign advanced digital control technology, microcomputer automatic voltage controller with high performance, high reliability.
          Main features:
          ●The power on self test function;
          ●The fault detection function;
          ● has the advantages of simple operation, automatic and manual control mode switching, high brightness Chinese characters display module, visual and reliable;
          ● adopt photoelectric isolated technology, transient impulse voltage against up to 100VAC, improve product reliability and anti-jamming;
          ●The various control characteristic; dynamic spark track, special work condition change dynamic predictor, the highest average voltage tracking, intermittent pulse, little spark control, constant power control;
          ●The plug and play Rs485 complete photoelectric isolation communication function, can be free or communication adapter, and any PLC seamless communication, establish the required DCS workstation provides guarantee for remote monitoring and remote data transmission;
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