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      GGAJ06 series three-phase high voltage silicon rectifier
      GGAJ06 series three-phase high voltage silicon rectifier
          GGAJ06 series three-phase high voltage silicon rectifier is my company to develop and produce new products (including three-phase high voltage silicon rectifier transformer has obtained the national patent), compared with the conventional single-phase power supply has the following advantages:
          ● three-phase balanced input, reduce the phase loss of power system;
          ● single-phase power output efficiency is 0.7, and the output efficiency of the three-phase power supply is 0.95, can be more than 25% energy saving;
          ● three-phase power output two steady voltage, peak voltage and effective value, average value of voltage is consistent, the breakdown voltage in the same conditions, the average output voltage can be increased by more than 15%, current density and electric field can increase one times above.
          Main features:
          ● with single-phase electric power supply filter, with dynamic spark track control function;
          ● Chinese characters display interface, menu parameters adjustment mode;
          ● with calendar, clock, password activation management system;
          ● photoelectric isolated RS485 communication interface, can communicate directly with the PC monitoring software, through the monitoring interface display analysis, V-T curve, I-T curve;
          ● with short circuit, open circuit, overcurrent automatic protection function.
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